About us

Animation studio TALE WIND ANIMATION was founded in 2019.

The team of the studio was able to prove itself in the field of computer graphics pretty soon, both in Armenia and abroad. For a short period of time, TWA studio has created many projects for Cinema, TV, as well as in the field of animation!

Our experts are ready to take on difficult art tasks and professionally bring them to life.

Currently, the studio is working on the animated series "Turbozaurs".

The studio is located in Armenia.

One of our goals is for Armenian specialists to receive interesting work from abroad. We are ready to do more and even better, that is for there are all appropriate specialists in the studio!

Turbozaurs Project


TURBOZAURS is a new animated TV series packed with excitement, adventure and fun. Realized in state-of-the-art CGI 3D animation, it brings together two favourites of young children everywhere – DINOSAURS and BIG MACHINES.

What could be better!

The show is based around the adventures of Turbozaur`s squad who are willing to solve any difficulties, troubles that kids may face in their everyday life.

Turbozaurs is not just about characterful dinosaurs and iconic machines, the show is essentially about relationships of the children to each other; between them and the Turbozaurs; and even between the Turbozaurs themselves.

The children and their big friends must work out ways of doing things together, ways that draw on their intuition, creativity and ability to co-operate.